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Our Story

My dream, for as long as I can remember, was to find a way to mesh together three things: a knack for creative writing, an appreciation for fine design and an infatuation with fairytale-like true love.

It was during my college years at Penn State University that the last, but most inspiring of the three, walked into my life. His name: Brad Stewart (my real prince charming). It was not long after our chance meeting that we picked up our lives in the northeast and moved to a sunnier place. Brad asked me to marry him, and my very own fairytale began to take shape. And it was during the first few moments of designing my own wedding invitation that I realized my passion for ink on paper; I fell in love with the stylish appearance of vintage letterpress printing and engraving methods on designer paper products. So, together with my husband, Brad, we began to dream; Paper Ink is our dream.

Paper Ink is a by appointment only, custom, couture invitation boutique, located in West Boynton Beach, Florida. Representing only the most sought-after lines in letterpress and engraving, it is here that the beauty of ink on paper is realized. Specializing in everything paper, we encourage our clients to dream.


Our Lines

Defined by its ultra-chic qualities, appreciation for vintage letterpress and modern engraving, and love for all things paper, Paper Ink represents an exquisite selection of invitation lines that embody the finest design and printing quality.

Copper Willow

From luxurious papers to unique recycled ribbons, Copper Willow uses environmentally friendly products to create beautiful event invitations. Their collection features nature-inspired artwork on cotton paper, bold designs on signature museum board and calligraphy on handmade paper.


With high-style modern designs and sumptuous materials, Elum has revitalized the centuries old art form of letterpress printing. Their collection of letterpress invitations and designer paper products features custom artwork that reflects the most current trends in the world of design and fashion, transforming stationery into a chic personal accessory.

Louella Press

Having mastered the elegant and traditional engraving technique, Louella Press combines sophisticated design and vibrant color to create memorable event stationery that can only be described as purely classy.

Luscious Verde

Their philosophy: Truly Custom Stationery. With their layered papers, interesting textures and unique color combinations (not to mention their awesome paper cut outs that are intricately laid out on gorgeous papers), Luscious Verde makes anything possible, allowing you to create a luscious, handmade invitation that will surely become a keepsake.

Page Stationery

Believing in good, clean, white space, Page Stationery creates event stationery that is both beautiful and simple. They abide by the idea that less is more while delivering quality letterpress printing products in diverse paper selections at affordable prices.


Offering eco-friendly letterpress on a luxury bamboo paper, Smock is all about printing beautiful things while making the world a better place. Their amazing designs, formed by an educated sense of history and style, are truly inspiring.

Twig & Fig

With a unity of classic elegance and edgy chic all their own and offerings of a wide-range collection of sumptuous papers from around the world, Twig & Fig will leave you in awe. With choices such as peacock plumes, alligator-stamped leather presentation boxes, etched metal, reclaimed redwood, and pressed orchids, every invitation is truly one-of-a-kind and completely memorable.

Wiley Valentine

Ultimate fine-quality letterpress stationery, printed on 100% cotton, featuring classic, ultra chic (or sometimes edgy) designs, is what Wiley Valentine is all about. Their designs are fashionably unique and amazing.


Our Gallery

Page, Virginia

Twig and Fig, Crystal Falls

Wiley Valentine, Love In The City

Smock, Rhon

Page, Belle

Elum, Fields

Page, Gigi

Elum, Lucidity

Louella Press, Mantilla

Luscious Verde, Aqua, White & Purple Hibiscus

Twig and Fig, Agent

Louella Press, Bouquet

Louella Press, Custom Cocktail

Twig and Fig, Night at Roxy

Smock, Lashar

Elum, Clean Lines

Louella Press, Custom Sibel Business Card

Luscious Verde, Chartreuse Dandelions

Page, Classic

Smock, Cavall

Twig and Fig, Velvet

Twig and Fig, Pop Rock

Wiley Valentine, Romantic Elegance

Elum, Ampersand

Louella Press, Copper Twist

Page, Elisabeth

Louella Press, Mantilla

Page, Oliver

Elum, Racing Stripes

Page, Framed

Twig and Fig, Midsummer Night

Louella Press, Custom Wave

Wiley Valentine, California Chic

Elum, Composition

Luscious Verde, Onyx and Grass Wobble Dots

Page, Sofia

Louella Press, Bouquet

Smock, Vettore

Louella Press, Plume

Wiley Valentine, Vintage Romance

Elum, Funky Monkey

Louella Press, Mantilla

Wiley Valentine, Forest Fairytale

Louella Press, Copper Twist

Elum, Polka Dots

Page, Sarah

Smock, Engadine

Elum, Cookie

Smock, Sutton

Luscious Verde, Baby Beluga

Wiley Valentine, Garden Flair

Elum, New York

Luscious Verde, Baby Elephant

Page, Noah

Twig and Fig, Slated Silk, Literary Lounge, Driftwood Tide

Elum, Neopolitan

Luscious Verde, Venetian

Page, Lily

Elum, Rococo

Louella Press, Ocean Front


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